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Your Thoughts Are Your Day

In these short programs Gabriele gives suggestions and loving advice already in the morning on how we can make the best of our day: How do we find peace with ourselves and with our neighbor? How can we change our lives for the better? Let the day become a good friend …

Readings and Roundtable Discussions

The series under the motto “The True School Is Life” brings the viewer practical advice for a positive life on topics such as “Keep the Inner Calm in Every Situation,” “My Thoughts — the Settlers,” or “How Do I Stay True to My Resolutions?” The programs also include readings on topics such as “The Ten Commandments of God,” “The Sermon on the Mount of Jesus of Nazareth,” “The All-Encompassing Cosmic Library – The All-Ocean of God.”

Picture Meditations

“Prayer Means to Have Compassion and Bear Responsibility,” “Love for God and Neighbor Heals,” “Where Does Our Fear Come From?,” “Meditation on the Lord’s Prayer” or “Feel Into the Life” are some of the titles of Original Christian meditations. They invite the viewers to take time to look deeper and reflect on their own life.

Divine Revelations

At all times — from Abraham to Gabriele — God has spoken to His children, the people, through true prophets and prophetesses of God. Listen to divine revelations given through Gabriele, the prophetess of God of the present time, in the original sound or as a reading, on topics such as “The Power of Christ is the Power of Love,” “The Soul as a Loom,” “To Wherever a Person Sends, from There He Receives,” “Come into the Arms of Infinity,” “Use the Precious Time!”

Inner Devotionals and Schooling Hours

The series “Inner Devotionals” is about the great cosmic teachings of Jesus of Nazareth to the inner circle of His apostles and disciples. These teachings bring an understanding of a true spiritual life to humankind.

The Inner Path to the Cosmic Consciousness

The schooling hours of “The Inner Path to the Cosmic Consciousness” teach the path to God in us. It is the path of freedom, of the love for God and neighbor, for all people who strive for a higher culture and a peaceful humanity.

Finding Yourself

Words for life – Even one sentence can brighten your disposition: Reading series from various books, for example: “A Lot, a Lot of Life” or “Living and Dying to Continue Living.”


Documentaries about the New Agriculture for the New Era, for example, on the topics “Flowering Fields Full of Life” or “Primary Rock Dust – Nourishment for Our Fields.” “The Soil We Live On – An Unknown Cosmos,” “Focus Point Earth — The Rainforest Habitat” and many others convey essential facts from nature and thus strengthen our awareness of how we can contribute to the careful use of this planet’s resources.

Children’s Programs

The children’s programs convey to younger and older children how to treat each other and the animals with respect. Some titles from the series “Liobani — The School of New Jerusalem for Another Time, under the Sign of the Christ of God, of the Love for God and Neighbor”: “The Earth as a School of Life,” “The Fine Perception of Animals,” “True Friendship.” The series “Good Thoughts for a Good Night,” takes the children into a quiet evening and a good sleep.
“Manikin, the Story Gnome” entertains his young viewers with stories such as “The Cricket and the Ants,” and “Lovey, the Bull.”
And in the series “Today We Learn to Write by Hand,” children can learn the entire alphabet in a very practical and playful way. If you want to join in, get your paper and pencil ready and you’re ready to go.

Nature and animals

The reports clearly show how animals and plants can be helped in a practical way. The reports clearly show how animals and plants can be helped in a practical way. For example, in “Feeding Birds not only in Winter”, why is life harder and harder for birds living in nature? Or, in “Orphaned Young”, how can the young, barely a couple of weeks old, that lost their parents through hunting or traffic be cared for? And much more…

What Do Great Minds Have to Say?

Quotes from “Great Minds” of the past and present about the ethical treatment of one another and of animals and nature. They encourage reflection and reorientation, for example, statements by Goethe, da Vinci, Gandhi, Horace, Tolstoy, Hesse, Dostoevsky and others.

In conversation with ...

In this informative program series, well-known people are interviewed on current topics, for instance, ornithologist Prof. Peter Berthold on the world of birds in Germany and worldwide, Dr. Mojib Latif on the topic of climate change or Dr. Pierre Ibisch on the condition of the forests.

Classics for the Soul

Live recordings of musical moments for relaxation and enjoyment with classical pieces by world-renown composers – from works for chamber music to a full orchestra drawing from all the musical epochs.


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